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You can finally own Catgirls.

CATGIRL¢ is an NFT focused, community driven crypto currency, with real world use. By using deflationary and instant rewards, we seek to maximize the benefits for coin holders.

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CATGIRL¢ is here to make your dreams come true, by giving you the ability to purchase Catgirls... in our Catgirl Mystery Box of course! CATGIRL¢ holders will be able to purchase different collectible Catgirls, while also being able to roll for adorable accessories to dress them in.

Catgirl Mystery Box

The most exciting item in the whole Cativerse, is the Catgirl Mystery Box! You never know what you’re going to get! Common boxes will always available for public purchase, while other rarity level boxes will only be available through limited events. Learn more about it on our Whitepaper.


Our NFT marketplace is where you will be able to trade and exchange Catgirl Collectibles!


A place where Catgirl owners can customize and dress up their Catgirls with different wearable items. The customization section of our Catgirl Workshop will allow users to swap wearables on or off of their Catgirls, before finalizing them.


NFT farming makes NFT collectibles even more valuable. By staking your Catgirl NFTs, you will be able to earn CATGIRL¢.


Our Catgirl Social will be available on both our WebApp and mobile version (iOS and Android). Catgirl Social is a place for Catgirl enthusiasts to interact with each other! By using Catgirl Social, users can share, publish and view other Catgirls, helping to make collecting Catgirls fun and more engaging

Catgirl HUB & SWAP

What better way to access all CATGIRL future apps, than using CATGIRL Hub? Here you can easily swap for CATGIRL in our cute themed Swap, embedded into our HUB.

Our HUB will contain the future Marketplace, Workshop and Social apps. Everything in one place, how paw-some is that?

Just connect your wallet, and you’re ready to go, nya!

Catgirl Hub
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For every transaction

2% Instant rewards

You will receive an instant 2% share, meaning you earn by just having CATGIRL¢ in your virtual wallet! Through this, we all contribute to making CATGIRL¢ lucrative. How paw-some is that?

2% Farming pool

2% will be contributed to the farming pool

1% Marketing/Development budget

We want to make sure CATGIRL¢ gets the proper exposure it needs to create a thriving community. This fee is used exclusively for development/marketing purposes.

What makes CATGIRL¢ stand out

Black Hole

50% of the total supply is sent to the black hole at launch. The black hole will act as another wallet holder, meaning every transaction made, the black hole will receive half of the 2% instant rewards.

Audited Smart Contract

CATGIRL¢ Smart Contract has been audited by Solidity Finance.

Anti Whale

Buyers will not be able to purchase more than 1% of the total supply.

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Liquidity Locked

The liquidity has been locked on Unicrypt.


Total Supply

100 quadrillion

Total Burn

50 quadrillion

Circulation Supply

50 quadrillion and reducing

Cat girl with the bag, just like you will be if you invest!


Keep Scrolling


  • Website launch
  • Reach 2000 holder
  • Listed on Coinmarketcap
  • Listed on CoinGecko

First moon attempt

  • Initial listing on CEX(s)
  • Start several marketing campaigns
  • Multiple events to earn free CATGIRL¢
  • Catgirl Swap: Decentralized Exchange


  • More CEX(s) listing
  • Catgirl NFT airdrop exclusively for our CATGIRL¢ holders
  • Launch Mystery Box and Catgirl Season One
  • Anime convention marketing
  • Grow community to 10,000 telegram users


  • Develop Catgirl marketplace where you can view, buy, or trade collectible Catgirls and accessories
  • Develop a Catgirl Workshop, where you can dress up and personalize your Catgirls
  • Open Catgirl merchandise store, to buy CATGIRL¢ swag, and have your own Workshop Catgirl printed onto merch


  • Develop Catgirl Social, where you can show off your Catgirls, judge others, and try and win paw-some prizes
  • Partnerships with other brands

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"Everybody loves Catgirls, ironically, or unironically. (We don’t judge.) Don’t miss out on the o-purr-tunity to be involved, before we inevitably go up to the moon."


MetaMask instructions - Get MetaMask Wallet

Go to metamask.io and install their app (available on Chrome Web Store, iOS and Android). MetaMask Wallet is a trusted, and secure wallet in the crypto space. Make sure to keep your seed phrase somewhere safe!


Add Binance Smart Chain network

You will need to add the Binance Smart Chain network into your MetaMask wallet before you can purchase CATGIRL¢.


Buy some BNB

Purchase BNB on exchanges, such as binance.com, and add your funds into your virtual wallet.


Go to Catgirl Swap and get some CATGIRL¢

After you’re all set, head to hub.catgirlcoin.com, connect your wallet and get some Catgirl. Set your slippage to 5%




Made with  by the Catgirl Coin Team

Artwork by Cutesu